Susan – Dec 29th

Sharing a link from Whole Living Daily – An Action Plan to change your life in 4 weeks. A week by week visual plan for exercises, grocery lists, seems quite helpful. Check it out.

Here begins my day……

Up around 8:30am read the newspaper and did the routine cleaning around the kitchen + put in a load of laundry.

Breakfast (10am) – dim sum  6 shrimp wonton + 1 cup of green tea. Check emails, blogging, read more of the Whole Life Living – Action Plan.

Couple of errands to Costco and Fitness Depot (sale on scales & foam rollers)

Snack (12noon) – 1 mandarin orange + 1 cup of green tea.

Late lunch (2pm) – dim sum – dumplings + savory leftover. Trying to clean out my fridge + 1 cup of green tea. Supplement – 1 Milk Thistle.

Workout (4:30pm) – 22 minutes Interval Treadmill walk + 1/2 bottle of water.  Then back to prep dinner.

Dinner (6pm) – Stir-fry beef wraps with pita bread or iceberg lettuce (lean ground beef, diced celery, carrots, bamboo shoots, shitake mushroom). Stir-fry ginger sesame sauce beef  (thinly shaved beef strips (T&T) + shredded mixed cabbage. Stir-fry deep fried tofu (packaged prepared from T&T) with sliced red mini peppers & sweet chili sauce. Stir-fry udon noodles with shredded mixed cabbage, slightly sauced with hoisin. Lastly a large plate of steamed asparagus with a touch of sesame oil & oyster sauce. Whew… alot of stir-frying tonight. Tofu was new to my family and interestingly they all enjoyed it even my picky eating son. The pita bread over the lettuce wrap was also another favorite this evening.  For me I stuck to a small portion of each – no bread and had extra of the asparagus + 1 glass of cold water during dinner and 1 cup of green tea after dinner. Supplement – 1 Milk Thistle.

Did more purging of papers & stuff, while watching TV in the background.

Snack (10pm) – 2 cups of green tea, 4 (toonie size) hazelnut thins cookies. The rest of baked goods, I packed to giveaway tomorrow when I visit my out-of-town relatives.

Bed (11pm) – no nightguard this evening, just a mist of lavender spray on my pillow and was off to sleep.

Generally another good day, of planning my goals and preparing my space for new beginnings. Starting to feel good about all the work put into the decluttering. Still lots to do….


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